Handmade With Love in Baltimore, MD


I capture elegance, whimsy, and sentiments, and transform them into a slip, a gown, a corset. I create beauty with an exquisite fabric finely draped and precisely constructed. I bring the tradition of custom dressmaking to modern women, working with my client as my muse, making for her that uniquely perfect piece.  

When I was four, my Great Aunt Eula set me on a stool in front of her old treadle sewing machine.

Eula Zoe Gideon and her sister Jewell were masterful seamstresses, making dresses that were famous in Arkansas. My favorite was a dress of pale green organdy, hand-smocked, made for my mom as a child. Its tiny net-and-lace petticoat and deep hem were so ladylike and delicate. I got to wear it to see Paper Moon at the Little Rock movie theater.

I thought I might grow up to be a seamstress like them. My granny, Jewell Gideon, gave me the singer feather weight I would later use to make my first wedding gowns. I was on my way, making doll dresses and dreaming up larger projects. But then a tragic high school attempt at a red-striped romper gave me doubts.

Somehow, despite the romper incident, I found myself moving to New York City to attend FIT. It was doing restoration work there, when I pieced together the yards of black silk tulle from a vintage Balenciaga, that I decided to work with the world’s most luxurious fabrics. I dedicated myself to designing gowns.

After graduating from FIT, I found my way to London, where I made my first wedding dresses and traveled to Paris every chance I got.

Upon returning to the states, I began building costumes for Broadway, film, TV, and regional theater. I spent fourteen years perfecting my skills and exploring the history of fashion while maintaining a custom business.

As the custom work progressed, so did my love of brides. I found the perfect castle for an atelier—filled with natural light, my collection of vintage chandeliers, and a growing number of dresses.

So I make clothing, like Eula and Jewell did, like they taught me to. I want every woman to feel as special as I did in that green organdy dress. Delicate, feminine, and truly one-of-a-kind, the dress is a family heirloom, now passed down to my daughter Jewell.

This is my story, my passion, my heirloom. Now let’s create yours.  



Photo by  Jackie Borowski

Photo by  Jackie Borowski

Photo by Molly Sydnor

Photo by Molly Sydnor

Photo by Molly Sydnor

Photo by Molly Sydnor