4 Easy Ways Make Your Wedding Outfit Feel So You

Of course, I think the best way to personalize your wedding outfit is to get a custom gown designed, but if you don't go that route, here are some tips on how to personalize your wedding day look. 


If you're like me, wearing a gown isn't an everyday affair, so it can feel like playing dress-up. You don't want to play it so safe that you look as if it's just another day, but you also want to stay true to your own personal style. Here are four ways to find that sweet spot. 

1. Shoes

They barely peak out from underneath your wedding gown, but that doesn't mean no one notices them. Shoes are a great opportunity to play and add some personality (and color!) to your ensemble. What shoes do you feel best in? Shop for a shoe in that style. Wedges, flats, stilletos, your shoes can be whatever you want. You can use a modern shoe to offset a vintage-inspired dress, or a metallic shoe to make your princess gown a tad edgy. 

2. Hair. 

Think about who your style icons are. Have you always likened yourself an Audrey Hepburn, a Marilyn Monroe, a Brigitte Bardot? Now is your chance to go all out, in the style of your choice. Stick to looks that have always been your favorite. Don't get sidetracked by the endless photographs in a "wedding hair" Pinterest search. 

3. Lip Color

Berry, watermelon, nude, wine, you know as well as I do that there are more lipstick shades than any one woman can handle. My big tip for lipstick is: choose two. Choose a favorite neutral for the ceremony and then layer on a playful pop color for the reception.

4. Jewelry

You have your own collection, run of the family heirlooms, and an excuse to break out of the expected and get something new! Jewelry is your chance to take your outfit to the next level of opulence or to dial it back with something earthy. Don't have access to exactly what you want? Remember, there are fabulous places to rent jewelry so you can drip with diamonds even if your grandmother doesn't collect them!