The Making of A Dress: Aden's Blue and Silver Deco Wedding Dress

I tend to attract brides with an interesting and uncommon aesthetic. Brides who love taking risks and making statements. It's so fun to make a dress that doesn't fit the traditional idea of 'wedding dress' and yet, is unmistakably a wedding dress. And so, I give you Aden. 


Aden wanted something Art Deco and geometric. She had a vision of ultramarine and silver. I drew up this sketch as our starting point .

Mood Board for Aden's dress. I was inspired by Erté, Egyptian motifs, and classic Art Deco forms. 

I sourced silver appliques and blue silks. 

I made a mockup out of a thin charmeuse and organza so I could see how the two layers would play with each other. During the fitting, I used a blue, water-soluble marking pen to start planning the applique pattern. 

I cut the silver fabrics into individual circles and started playing with shapes and motifs to use on the dress. I was looking for a pattern with a large, medium and small version, each a bit different, all working together. 

And then I placed Aden's custom applique design on silver bobbinet. 

Front and back in progress...

Art Deco Blue Silver Wedding Dress

The dress doesn't truly come alive until the bride puts it on. Here is Aden just a few days before her wedding. 

The Making Of A Wedding Dress: Emlyn

When Emlyn came to me in November, I knew hers was a dress to document. Not only did Emlyn have a great vision for her dress, but she was had a bun in the oven! By the time of her wedding, she was 5 months pregnant. I've never seen a more radiant bride. 

Emlyn started out with a wonderful concept- long sleeves, lace, high collar, not trying to hide her baby bump. I started sketching, Mia pulled the perfect English lace- peachy white with a silver metallic motif. I'd had that lace for over a year! It was just waiting for Emlyn. 

I added a last minute sparkle ruffle to the collar, sleeves and underskirt, it needed that extra decadence. Plus a vintage shoe buckle! I am waiting with bated breath to see the wedding photos taken by the incredible Lindsay Hite of Readyluck. I will be sure to share them with you!